Bhushan Sawhney: Executive President and Chief Business Officer (Cables), Polycab India Limited

Executive President and Chief Business Officer (Cables), Polycab India Limited

Bhushan Sawhney, executive president and chief business officer (cables), Polycab India Limited, believes that there is considerable opportunity for power players to expand and set up new power stations given that a large part of the country is still uninhabited. Sawhney has diverse work experience across areas such as sales, marketing and operations. He has been a part of Polycab India for over 12 years now. Prior to joining Polycab, he had been associated with Havells India Limited as deputy general manager.

“At Polycab, we have reimagined and transformed ourselves to build a strong presence in the fast moving electrical goods segment while continuing to be India’s market leader in the wires and cables segment,” says Sawhney. “We have set up new-age consumer-connect interfaces such as the Polycab Galleria Knowledge Center and Polycab Shopee in multiple cities. These centres act as a learning and development hub for our partners such as electricians, retailers, plumbers and architects. Related to B2B offerings, we continue to carve out innovative product lines in key segments such as heavy duty cables, light duty cables and specialised cables for the burgeoning data centre industry, as well as green wires for a sustainable future, and life-saving fire survival cables,” he adds.

According to Sawhney, the biggest challenge in the power and transmission industry currently is the volatility in raw material prices. This leads to strong challenges in raw material management and costing, he notes. Another challenge, according to him, is the lack of electrical safety awareness among the public. The companies representing the organised sector are making efforts to propagate awareness through meet-ups, advertisements and other activities.

Sawhney is a strong proponent of a new-age work culture, and believes in  a non-hierarchical way of working, openness, transparency, and overall flexibility. He strives to create a healthy, understanding and stress-free work environment where the focus of employees remains on the task at hand.

Sawhney has a bachelors’ degree in commerce from Delhi University. He also has a postgraduate diploma in export management (international marketing). In his spare time he likes to pursue various hobbies and activities, which help him unwind and regather his thoughts.