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The December 2022 issue of Power Line magazine will have a special section on the important topic of “Network Management”.

The section will cover topics such as:

  • New and Emerging Utility Requirements
  • Towards Smart Grids
  • Impact of Renewable Energy on Networks
  • Managing Distributed Energy Generation Resources
  • Network health monitoring
  • Outage Management
  • ADMS
  • Remote monitoring technologies and sensors
  • Analytics, IoT, AI/ML- based solutions

Given the emerging scenario where renewable energy sources are expected to play a greater role in the energy mix, management of power networks needs to become smarter to be able to handle such large amounts of variable power. Utilities are thus, increasingly looking at the adoption of digital solutions and softwares to help manage their networks, restore outages faster, respond to faults faster and manage distributed energy generation sources in the most efficient and economical way. With proper network monitoring and management tools and solutions, utilities can start optimizing their real-time networks and get a complete picture of their networks.

The section on Network Management will focus on new and emerging grid requirements of T&D utilities, key drivers for network management as well as highlight best practices, new and emerging technologies and solutions being adopted by utilities and grid operators.

The section will have 8-10 pages and will also be featured on the cover, thus guaranteeing reader attention. The editorial coverage will be quite comprehensive, ensuring the use of this section as a “ready reference” by our readers.

Advertising in this section will thus provide additional value for money because of greater circulation and higher visibility.

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