CEA notifies Technical Standards for Construction of Electrical Plants and Electric Lines Regulations, 2022

The Central Electricity Authority (CEA) has notified the CEA (Technical Standards for Construction of Electrical Plants and Electric Lines) Regulations, 2022.

These regulations will apply to generating companies, transmission licensees, distribution licensees, central transmission utility, and state transmission utilities. Technical standards for construction of thermal generating stations are covered in four parts. Part- A will be common to all types of thermal generating stations; Part- B will be for coal or lignite based thermal generating stations; Part- C is for gas turbine based thermal generating stations; and Part- D is for internal combustion engine based thermal generating stations. In addition, the regulation stipulates the minimum technical requirements for construction of hydro-electric generating stations for various types of schemes i.e. run- of-river scheme, storage scheme, pumped storage scheme, canal head scheme etc. with installed capacity of 25 MW and above. The regulations will also be applicable for construction for life extension purpose in the existing generating stations, wherever feasible.

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