Tata Power announces plan for setting up EV charging points

Tata Power has announced K2K PLAN (Kashmir to Kanyakumari) for nation wide setting up of electric vehicle (EV) charges.

The ambitious plan aims to install around 25,000 EV charging points over the next 5 years to support faster adoption of e-mobility. Tata Power’s charging network covers 450+ cities with 3,600+ charging points, including 23,500+ residential chargers, 240+ bus chargers, and 450+ charging points across 350 major national highways. The company has set up state-of-the-art network operations centre (NOC) in Mumbai. This center aids in the effective operational management of charging stations across India. NOC is integrated with the online platform that supports Tata Power’s EZ Charge services, has a real-time communication link with all on-board chargers, and aids in the early detection of tech-related issues. The NOC additionally supports quick problem solving, back-end system support, and proactive planning for charging infrastructure upkeep. Tata Power is also part of the Tata UniEverse Ecosystem, comprising of key group companies, which is working towards accelerating e-mobility across the country.