Webinar on Rolling out Prepayment Successfully: Role of Analytics

    The mission of the webinar is to discuss the plans, strategies and experience in the roll-out of smart meter prepayment and advanced analytics programmes in India. It will examine the emerging needs and requirements of utilities, the key issues and challenges, and the road ahead. The webinar will feature interactions with key stakeholders – policymakers, utilities and facilitating organisations.

    The panel will deliberate on the following questions:

    • What has been the experience in the implementation of smart meter prepayment?
    • What are the biggest issues and challenges?
    • How can advanced analytics support the successful roll-out of prepayment programmes?

    For more information, please contact:

    Ashima Gupta
    General Manager, India Infrastructure Publishing,
    E: ashima.gupta@indiainfrastructure.co.in
    M: +91 81309 19700