Savannah Energy signs agreement for 200 MW of new solar power plants in Niger

Savannah Energy Niger Solar Limited, the wholly-owned subsidiary of British independent power company Savannah Energy Plc, has signed a memorandum of agreement (MoA) with the Niger government for the development of two solar photovoltaic power plants.

The power facilities will have a combined installed power capacity of up to 200 MW. The solar power plants will be built near the cities of Maradi and Zinder, in southern Niger. The proposed solar plants will be connected to the South-Central section of Niger’s electricity grid, which is forecast to be interconnected to the western electricity grid zone by 2026, as part of a World Bank funded project. Savannah plans to complete the feasibility studies of the project within the next 12 months. The projects are likely to receive sanctions in 2024 and achieve initial operational status by 2025 to 2026. The project development costs will be funded through a combination of Savannah’s internally produced cash flows and project-specific debt.