No new coal-fired power plants in Vietnam after 2030

The Government of Vietnam will cease the development of new coal-fired power plants in the country after 2030.

This is a part of the USD135 billion national power plan, Power Development Plan 8 (PDP8), which aims to double Vietnam’s power generation capacity. Most of the capacity addition required will come from renewable energy and gas. Under PDP8, by 2030, only those coal power projects which have already been approved or are under development can proceed. The share of thermal capacity will be reduced from the existing 50 per cent to just 20 per cent of Vietnam’s total energy mix. Further, use of coal will be entirely phased out by 2050. This shift will be in favour of domestic gas and imported liquefied natural gas, accounting for nearly 25 per cent of the total power mix by 2030, as well as solar and wind, which will jointly account for 27 per cent of Vietnam’s total power generation capacity by 2030.