Uganda and South Sudan sign agreement to export power

The Ministry of Energy in Uganda has recently entered into a power sales agreement (PSA) with South Sudan Electricity Cooperation (SSEC) for trade in electricity between the two countries.

Under this agreement, both countries will work together to construct the 400 kV, 308- km, Olwiyo–Juba Power Interconnection Project to enable power trade. Of the total line length, 138 km will be installed in South Sudan and 170 km in Uganda. In addition, substations at Juba, Olwiyo, and Bibia (near the Elegu border post in Uganda) will be expanded. The feasibility study of the project is currently underway. It started in March 2023 and is anticipated to complete by February 2024. It is being carried out by a consortium made up of the Italian companies CESI S.p.A., and ELC Electro Consult S.p.A., and Colenco Consulting Limited of Nigeria. African Development Bank has agreed to provide funding for the feasibility study, as well as for the development of the project. This agreement is a part of the memorandum of understandingsigned between the countries in December 2015 to develop transmission and distributioninfrastructure to connect each other through the Nile Equatorial Lakes Subsidiary Action Plan.