Dun & Bradstreet recognises CyanConnode as a Start-Up 50 Trailblazer 2023

CyanConnode has been recognised as a Start-Up 50 Trailblazer by Dun & Bradstreet. This award underscores the company’s firm commitment to innovation, quality and customer-centric solutions, with a robust roadmap for sustainable growth and profitability. With over 1.3 million smart meters currently using its communication infrastructure in India across 11 states, CyanConnode has made significant contributions to the sector since 2012. Its project in Indore has demonstrated the considerable benefits of its network, allowing the utility to recover its return on investment within just two-and-a-half years. Even in the challenging terrains of projects such as those in Himachal Pradesh and Assam, the tenacity of CyanConnode’s team has been instrumental in overcoming hurdles and addressing ongoing issues through vigilant maintenance and monitoring. Further, CyanConnode’s Omnimesh solution optimises channel capacity and improves network performance, making it a gamechanger in the internet of things communication sector. The company’s adherence to the highest security standards in its radio frequency communication solution for smart metering is evident in its “Swiss Cheese Model,” which incorporates multiple layers of defence mechanisms.