Pelma to become SECL’s first open-cast mine to produce coal under MDO mode

South Eastern Coalfields Limited (SECL) has entered into an agreement with Pelma Collieries, marking a significant development as SECL’s Pelma mine is poised to become Chhattisgarh’s inaugural opencast mine operating under the mine developer and operator (MDO) mode.

The pact entails Pelma Collieries assuming responsibility for the mine’s operations over the next two decades, encompassing aspects such as design, funding, procurement, construction, as well as project operation and maintenance. Over the stipulated 20-year span, the mine is slated to yield a cumulative coal extraction of more than 219 million tonnes (mt), with an annual target of 15 mt. The extracted coal will be of the esteemed G-12 grade, known for its high quality.