AESL commissions 2,500 MW green evacuation transmission project in Tamil Nadu

Adani Energy Solutions Limited (AESL) has announced the completion of the Karur Transmission Limited (KTL) project.

The project includes the establishment of the 400/230 kV, 1,000 MVA Karur pooling station and an associated transmission line spanning 8.51 ckm in Tamil Nadu. With a transformation capacity of 1,000 MVA, this project will facilitate the evacuation of power from renewable sources in the Karur/Tiruppur wind energy zone. Additionally, it will strengthen the Southern Regional grid and support the integration of renewable energy sources on a large scale. The project was secured in December 2021 through the tariff-based competitive bidding  mechanism, with a contract period spanning 35 years, encompassing the build, own, operate, and maintain framework.