Philips Lighting wins first connected lighting indoor positioning retail project in Middle East

Philips Lighting has announced its first connected lighting indoor positioning order in the Middle East with the UAE-based retailer, Aswaaq. The new system uses lights that act as a positioning system and allows customers to use smartphones to access new location-based services. Philips Lighting is partnering with Aisle411, a US-based company, to extend its indoor positioning offering to deliver comprehensive end-to-end capability, including professional services such as digital store mapping, product search and analytics. The system works by the individual light points transmitting their location through a modulation of light (a technology called Visible Light Communication) that is imperceptible to the human eye but is detected by the customer’s smartphone camera. Once customers download the retailer’s app, they can choose to access location-based services. The data stream is one way and no personal data is collected by the system.


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