Powerica launches Containerised Gensets at the Consultant and Customer Seminar

Powerica Limited showcased the launch of Containerised Gensets in the range of 750 kVA to 2,000 kVA at the Consultant and Customer Seminar organised along with Cummins India Limited. These gensets provide leading sound attenuation, maintain better insertion loss, ensure optimum diesel engine efficiency and integrate with the client’s building management system. They provide access to power command controllers from outside the container and 220/240 VAC auxiliary power supply connection with internal lighting. The containers are acoustically lined and insulated with 64 kg density Rockwool and have a cambered roof and structured design to hold the residential silencer with joint-less construction. Cummins gave updates on its new Advantage Prime Range 440-2,250 kVA and the QSK 50-1,750 kVA to 1,975 kVA and QSK 95-3,350 kVA to 3,750 kVA series built on a robust platform, which deliver reliable power and ensures low emissions and fast response to load changes.