Siemens secures contract from Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company for two new substations

The Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company has awarded the contract for construction of two new 500/220 kV substations in the Delta region to Siemens. The two new substations – Samanoud and AboulMatameer – will transmit electricity from the Burullus power plant at the Kaft El Sheikh Governorate to Egyptian homes as well as industries located in the delta region. The fast-track project is being executed in consortium with El Sewedy Electric. As part of the agreement, Siemens will be responsible for the turnkey design, engineering, construction, supply, installation and commissioning of the 500/220 kV substations, including the supply of gas-insulated switchgear, power transformers, control systems, as well as protection and telecommunications equipment. The project is scheduled to be completed within 15 months from the signing of contracts. In a separate development, Siemens has extended an existing service agreement with the KAR Group in Iraq to provide comprehensive operations and maintenance (O&M) for two SSC5-2000E power plant units at the 930 MW Khormala natural gas-fired plant in the Kurdistan region. Siemens is managing the O&M of the plant since 2013 under a multi-year service agreement.


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