Brazilian MME approves 10-year energy plan

The Brazilian Ministry of Mines and Energy has approved the Plano Decenal de Expansão de Energia 2026 or Decennial Energy Expansion Plan 2026 (PDE 2026) for the country. The approved plan indicates that the internal energy supply will reach 351 mtoe by 2026, resulting in an annual growth rate of 2 per cent. Renewable energy sources are likely to have a share of 48 per cent in 2026 in the total energy mix. In order to supply the necessary expansion by 2026, BRL 1.4 trillion investments would be required for energy infrastructure. About 25 per cent of this investments will go towards energy generation and transmission segments. The total investment for the power transmission segment is likely to reach BRL 119 billion, of which BRL 78 billion will be invested in transmission lines and BRL 41 billion in substations, including border facilities.


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