Donald Leo

Managing Director, Asia South, Jinko Solar

Donald Leo has had wide-ranging experience in the semiconductor industry and has worked in different countries including France, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. He is currently managing director, Asia South at Jinko Solar, a company he had joined as general manager for Asia Pacific.

Jinko Solar is on track to reach the 10 GW mark by the end of this year. Leo aims to help the company meet its targets and elevate it to the top position in the Indian solar market. To achieve this, he plans to implement the company’s vision of providing unmatched services and quality products to its customers.

Commenting on the Indian solar market, Leo says that it is following a steep growth curve. He believes that both the utility and rooftop solar markets have shown steady progress. However, the pace of tender auctions is gradually slowing down and competitive bidding has sprung new challenges for module-makers and developers. Leo observes that the low solar power tariffs have put a question mark on the sustainability and financial health of projects. Also, uncertainties around anti-dumping and GST implementation could increase solar module cost. To overcome these challenges, Leo believes that it is important to evaluate the market carefully and make strategic decisions based on long-term perspectives.

Leo is a strong advocate of the “work smart, not long” motto. He feels that this can be achieved through clear prioritisation – allowing oneself limited time per task and not getting caught up in less-productive or time-consuming activities. His management style is based on the formula of putting people first. He believes that good leaders analyse the matter at hand, the end goal to be achieved and the best tool for the job, akin to golfers selecting their club.

He recalls that his most memorable assignment was the time he worked as an expatriate in France. At first, it was a challenge to cope with a new culture, but he soon adapted to it and even learnt the language. The assignment afforded him a rich learning experience and gave him the chance to work with clients from different European countries, pick up new skills and develop a taste for European living.

Leo graduated with a master of science degree from Glasgow University. During his spare time, he enjoys listening to classical music, trying new cuisines, visiting friends, practising yoga and exploring new places. His personal goal is to maintain a healthy mind and body.


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