ABB installs EV fast-charging station at NITI Aayog

ABB has installed an ABB Terra 53 fast-charging station for electrical vehicles (EVs) at NITI Aayog’s office in New Delhi. ABB’s 50 kW fast-charging station can provide full charge to an EV in only 30 minutes. The Terra 53 is based on international charging standards for EVs. It converts alternating current (AC) from the grid to direct current (DC) used by EV batteries. But it can also work with EVs that use AC charging. The station’s robust hardware and compliance with global electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing standards ensures safe operation in all weather conditions. The Terra 53 can take advantage of the ABB Ability Connected Services digital networking suite portfolio to link the charging station to payment platforms and smart grid systems. The cloud-based ABB Ability connection also enables smart trip planning for travellers by indicating where the next recharge stop will be. The installation supports recent proposals by the Ministry of Highways and Transportation and NITI Aayog, which include a pilot project in EV charging infrastructure in New Delhi.