Omicron introduces CT Analyzer with enhanced functionality

Omicron has introduced its CT Analyzer with enhanced functionalities. The CT Analyzer’s sensitivity and application range has been improved for current transformer (CT) testing, calibration and assessment. It can now perform accurate excitation characteristics measurements of CTs, with a wide knee-point range between 0.1 V and 40 kV. This makes the CT Analyzer an even better tool to test different types of CTs, from small metering devices to the large protection CTs typically installed in power equipment such as power transformers. The new CT Analyzer Suite is a complete redesign of the operating software, supporting its users through every single step of the testing process. For example, a software form helps define the test and asset in advance, or displayed wiring diagrams ensure correct wiring during testing. In order to carry out an assessment that goes beyond the international standards (IEC, IEE), the CT Analyzer Suite offers the flexibility to define and use local national standards (for example, Canadian or British standards) as well as the user’s own corporate standards or assessment rules for all important CT parameters (such as ratio error, phase displacement, transient parameters, dynamic current range and burden-dependent CT performance). Omicron also offers the facility to create such individual assessment rules based on the user’s own requirements. In addition, the CT Analyzer has been supplemented by new accessories for ease of transportation and operation. The new multifunctional transport case is a heavy duty option with wheels and serves as a sturdy outer housing. Further, all control elements are at the front, allowing the device to be left in the case while testing.


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