Financial Briefs: India and overseas

Greenko Group to acquire Orange Renewables for $1.02 billion The Greenko Group has agreed to acquire Orange Renewables from Singapore’s AT Capital Group for about $1.02 billion. The enterprise value includes debt aggregating $680 million, […]

Ash Management & Handling

Effective Disposal

Almost 40 per cent of ash generated from coal-based power plants is not utilised and ends up in landfill sites as a waste product. Fly ash, which accounts for 80 per cent of the total […]

Transmission Infrastructure

Cables and Conductors

Cables and conductors are the most essential components of a power transmission network. They are crucial not just in the development of a new network but also in the strengthening of the existing grid in […]

Ash Management & Handling

Diverse Applications

Effective utilTransitioning to a resource-efficient and circular economy is the key to achieving the country’s sustainable development goals. In line with this, concerted efforts have been made in the power sector to ensure effective utilisation […]