Japan-based Shikoku Electric to decommission Ikata-2 nuclear reactor

Japanese power utility Shikoku Electric Power has submitted a decommissioning plan to the Nuclear Regulation Authority for its 538 MWe Ikata-2 pressurised water reactor in Ehime prefecture, Japan. According to the plan, the decommissioning of the unit, which started operations in 1988, will last about 40 years and will be carried out in four stages. The first stage of about 10 years will involve preparing the reactor for dismantling (including the removal of all fuel and surveying radioactive contamination), while the second, lasting 15 years, will see the dismantling of the peripheral equipment and other equipment. The third stage, taking about eight years, will involve the demolition of the reactor itself, while the fourth stage will see the demolition of all remaining buildings and the release of land for other uses in the remaining seven years. Once approved, Ikata-2 will be the ninth operable Japanese reactor to be decommissioned since the Fukushima disaster in March 2011.


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