Philippines NGCP to develop EHV substation project in Quezon

The National Grid Corporation of Philippines (NGCP) is developing the Pagbilao extra high voltage (EHV) substation project, which will accommodate the new generation facilities aggregating 2,730 MW, in the Quezon province. NGCP has concluded public consultations with the concerned local government units as well as the communities that will be affected by the proposed installation. The scope of the project includes the construction of the 3×1,000 MVA, 500 kV Pagbilao substation and expansion of the Tayabas substation; construction of the 500 kV Tayabas–Naga line; extension of the 500 kV Tayabas–Naga line to the Pagbilao substation; construction of the 230 kV Tayabas–Pagbilao line; and extension of the 230 kV Tayabas–Pagbilao line to the Pagbilao substation, along with associated communication system components.


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