Schneider Electric celebrates 50 years of Modicon

Schneider Electric celebrated the completion of 50 years of its first programmable logic controller (PLC) Modicon this year. Modicon or Modular Digital Control offers huge profitability improvement for customers in terms of reduced time-to-market and production downtime. The Modicon 048, introduced in 1968 by the Bedford Associates Group, transformed process design, moving from complex hardwired relay systems to automation systems. In 1969, Schneider Electric facilitated the expanding reach of Modicon technology globally. The next future-ready launch from Modicon was that of the first programmable automation controller (PAC) in 1996. In 2003, Modicon released the first web-embedded PAC. In 2007, Schneider introduced the first all-in-one PAC: Modicon M340, which simplified configuration and operations. In 2015, Schneider Electric presented the world’s first e.PAC – M580. A year later Modicon M580 became a part of Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Plant domain.