STMicroelectronics offers energy saving low-noise LDO regulator

STMicroelectronics’ LDO40L low-dropout linear regulator delivers quiet and efficient power for always-on automotive modules and noise-sensitive loads. The AEC-Q100 qualified LDO40L reduces the demand on vehicle batteries to run loads such as body and interior functions that are active when the ignition is off. The internal circuitry operates from an input voltage as low as 3.5 V and, combined with the extremely low dropout voltage of 36mV at 100mA load or 140mV at full load, they enable the LDO40L to maintain power to the load as the input dips during cold cranking. In addition to powering automotive body control modules, instruments and clusters, and LED lighting, the LDO40L ensures stable, high quality DC for industrial controls and building or home automation applications.