Naveen Sadhu

Global Head (S&P), Environment Business, Thermax Limited

Naveen Sadhu has almost two decades of experience in the pollution control equipment business. He started his career in 1997 with Usha Telehoist Limited, and later moved to equipment major Thermax Limited’s environment division, which was engaged in air pollution control. Thermax had started this business much before environmental norms were introduced. It was a challenging task to grow the business given that this was a low-priority area for customers. At the time, he remembers pitching pollution-abatement technology equipment to boiler manufacturers.

In 2013, Sadhu took charge of Thermax’s international business on the particulate and gaseous emissions side, with a special focus on Latin American markets. He was instrumental in the development of Thermax’s brand in the international market. Now, with new norms in the domestic business, he has been focusing on strengthening the company’s footprint in the FGD and de-NOx space. Thermax is currently bidding for multiple projects for FGD in the country, he informs.

Sadhu remarks that although there has been progress in the power sector in meeting the new norms, more efforts are needed to ensure implementation. According to him, while particulate matter emissions  control by thermal power plants has progressed well, issues still remain in terms of SOx and NOx control. One of the challenges is technology constraints. Despite the presence of an adequate number of equipment players, the capacity to deliver falls short. Other issues are inadequate availability of limestone and water, space constraints for FGD systems installation, high capex and opex needs. In terms of pricing trends, in the emission control market he notes that going forward, with greater indigenisation, prices should remain competitive.

On his working style, he says no single style is perfect for all situations. He believes in being democratic and building consensus in the team. He has done his graduation in mechanical engineering from the University of Pune. Sadhu enjoys racket sports and plays badminton every day. He is also an avid traveller and likes to go hiking. Besides, he enjoys socialising and spending time with friends and family. He describes himself as a foodie, with Kashmiri Wazwan and rogan josh being his all-time favourites. In his spare time, he catches up on Bollywood movies, and particularly likes 3 Idiots.


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