ABB inaugurates Telangana’s Kaleshwaram lift irrigation project

ABB has inaugurated the Kaleshwaram lift irrigation project in Telangana. The project includes mega motors of 40 MW (19 such motors spread across two pump houses). Each motor has a footprint of close to 30 square metres. These will help lift 2 TMC of water to a height of 50 metres. Powering these motors up to pumping speed from a dead start requires a considerable amount of electricity and potentially puts great strain on the mechanical systems and the local utility grid. The load commutated inverter drive solution minimises the electrical stress and inrush current in the system. The fibre optic terminal equipment ensures real-time communication across equipment and linked substations across the project and, along with ABB MV switchgear and HV breakers, will provide power protection, stability and management of a project of this magnitude.



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