Beltran Technologies announces development of WESP for FGD

Beltran Technologies has announced the development of an advanced wet electrostatic precipitator (WESP) for wet scrubber flue gas desulphurisation (FGD) at power plants to control particulate, aerosol and visible emissions from wet FGD systems. The Beltran WESP is important for the reduction of particulate and sulphuric acid emissions and is essential to control the final stack opacity. Advanced Beltran WESPs are designed around a multistage system of ionising rods with star-shaped discharge points. These are encased in square or hexagonal tubes, which are lined with grounded collection surfaces. The unique electrode geometry generates a corona field that is four to five times stronger than that of conventional wet or dry ESPs. The surfaces are intermittently cleansed of residues by recirculating water sprays. The cool, saturated environment in the WESP makes the system highly effective on condensable or oily compounds while the continuous aqueous flushing process prevents the re-entrainment of particles, sticky residue build-ups and unfavourable particle resistivity.


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