Marsulex Environmental Technologies to introduce electrical upgrades for ESPs

Marsulex Environmental Technologies Corporation (MET), a technology provider of air quality control systems, is planning to introduce cost efficient electrical upgrades to electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) in India using Kraft Powercon’s advanced technology “SmartKraft” and “MicroPulse” power supplies, without changing physical size of ESP.  Kraft Powercon, a manufacturer of ESP power supplies, has recently acquired 100 per cent stake in MET. SmartKraft and MicroPulse are the most economical technologies available for upgrading ESPs to achieve particulate emission compliance. MET India, a wholly owned subsidiary of MET USA, will undertake ESP upgrades for the Indian market. The company will be a part of the government’s Make in India initiative. Kraft Powercon is an India-owned, Sweden-headquartered global company. It manufactures power supply equipment and rectifiers for various industrial applications including ESPs, ballast water treatment, production of industrial gases such as hydrogen, and surface treatment and production of semiconductors.


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