Sangh Gautam

Chief Technology Officer, Indian Energy Exchange Limited

Sangh Gautam has over 20 years of experience in the technology industry across telecom, analytics, e-commerce, media, recruitment and product-oriented companies such as Adobe. Currently the CTO of the Indian Energy Exchange (IEX), he says, “I was motivated by the IEX’s vision for the power industry and the technology enablement to achieve this. The IEX leadership is committed to building a world-class company using state-of-the-art technology.”

Gautam believes India is undergoing a critical transformation towards sustainable energy sources. He says, “Technological innovations, decarbonisation, decentralisation and democratisation are leading the modernisation of the energy sector. Hybridised solutions, advanced storage,  electricity generation and smart grids are metamorphosing the sector.” He finds the way technology-led power exchanges are enabling efficient energy utilisation in the country noteworthy.

The move to power consumerisation is a major trend that will have a big impact on the power sector. A technology-centric approach, with market solutions such as peer-to-peer trading, automation, IoT, blockchain and AI/ML, is required. He says, “The IEX is uniquely positioned to spearhead the transformation enabled by smart solutions. The company is bullish about the outlook for the energy market and is working proactively to enhance the technology platform and release new features that will enable greater liquidity and trading options.”

His most memorable assignment has been with Guavus, an analytics start-up, where he used state-of-the-art open source products to achieve real-time terabyte data processing. The product was deployed at the heart of the ISP’s network and there was no access to the production system. So the solution, logging mechanism and standard operating procedures had to be perfect for a timely delivery.

Gautam’s management style is based on his core values, a growth mindset, trust and building a high-calibre team. He believes in having a single-threaded leader with clear accountability and responsibility.

Sangh believes in work-life balance and time management, and spends  time with his family, which includes his parents, wife and two kids. He likes watching movies and reading thought-provoking books/articles, Blink and Upside of Irrationality being among his favourites. He wishes to work with an NGO for a meaningful cause in the future.


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