Shell’s Diala S4 ZX-I transformer oil enables optimum performance for transformers     

Transformers are the heart of power transmission and distribution, and transformer oil can thus be considered their lifeblood, enablingthem to efficiently step up and step-down voltage. High-quality transformer oil should thus be able to handle operation stress safely without premature degradation.

Enabling optimum performance for the latest generation of transformers is Shell Diala S4 ZX-I. It meets the needs of modern transformers, including their compact size, increased loads, higher voltages and longer lifetimes.

Its gas-to-liquid (GTL) formulation gives it a higher lightning impulse breakdown – an industry-wide test of insulation design – as compared to conventional oils. It is also free of the crude-oil based impurities that cause transformer degradation.GTL also insulates customers from crude oil’s varying quality and consistency, as it uses natural gas, guaranteeing a globally consistent product.Oil condition monitoring by T&D customers can check for correct functioning and predict issues; testing on Shell’s GTL-based oil is just as easy to perform as on conventional oils.

The DialaS4 ZX-I’s efficacy in cooling benefits from two factors: high specific heat capacity and thermal capacity values. Its cooling capabilities also benefit from the fact that it thickens less at low temperatures, maintaining good fluidity and flow properties.Its excellent flashpointgives it endurancein strenuous operating conditions.

Infused with inhibitors, a class of antioxidants that prevent oil degradation, the oil is far more oxidation-resistant than crude-oil alternatives.ShellDiala S4 ZX-I works for longer, prolonging transformer life.This translates to a lower cost of transformer servicing and maintenance.A Shell study also confirmed that the DialaS4 ZX-I works well in combination with conventional oils.

Helping reduce extra filtration handling, oil replacement, losses due to downtime, earlier replacement of the asset than anticipated, the DialaS4-ZX-I is more cost-efficient than competitors.Italso perfectly complements the ageing infrastructure that OEMs and utility companies must work with while being perfectly compatible with modern, compact and sophisticated transformer that demand a very high technical oil standard.Consequently, it is used to operate and fill tens of thousands of transformers today, enjoyingglobal approvals with OEMs and key utilities in India, China, Korea, and many European nations as well.

Since launch in 2013, the oil has sold over 100 million litres, spanning 300 high voltage references. In the coming years, demand can only grow, considering global transformer oil trends.