SGCC signs agreement for North Shaanxi-Hubei UHVDC project

A long-term tripartite cooperation agreement has been signed by the Chinese grid company State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC), the Shaanxi provincial government and the Hubei provincial government for the North Shaanxi-Hubei ultra high voltage (UHV) direct current (DC) transmission project. The under-construction project marks the first UHV DC transmission project being constructed in Hubei province, China. The scope of work in the CNY 18.5 billion project involves the construction of the 1,137 km long North Shaanxi-Hubei DC transmission line, with a transmission capacity of 8 GW. The power line will start from the Yulin city (Shaanxi province) and end in Wuhan city (Hubei province). The project is scheduled for completion by 2021.