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Views of Manish Walia, Business Head, Industrial Automation Solutions, Delta Electronics India

What are some of the promising automation solutions for utilities to manage and reduce their energy consumption? What are the benefits and cost savings?

The government of India is taking various steps in transforming the utility industries with a focus on infrastructure and technologies to make them more efficient. In this #IndustrialAutomation solutions can play a significant role that can help the sector in improving business efficiency, customer satisfaction, and revenues. If we discuss about power plant, the main challenge is reliability, efficiency, environmental impacts, and maintenance issues, where industrial automation solutions can play a vital part in offering competent solutions. The age of different equipment in the power sector and the poor maintenance problem can result in huge energy losses and unreliability. With #IoT based solutions, some of these challenges can be resolved in the management of the power plant. By deploying IoT based solutions and internet-connected devices, it is easy to identify any failure in operation or abnormal decrease in energy-efficiency that can alarm the need for maintenance.

At Delta Electronics India, we offer a diversified cutting-edge #Technology with a portfolio of energy-efficient solutions, strengthening the industrial automation infrastructure. We understand the changing demand of the utility industry, and to support them in reducing energy consumption, we offer variable frequency drive, Power Quality Systems, AFE (Active Front End) and #PowerMeter. Our focus is also to deliver a complete range of solutions that provides the industry best technology to support the growing ecosystem with a vision of #DeltaPoweringGreenAutomation.

What are the new and emerging technology trends in the industrial automation space? How has Covid impacted these adoption of new technologies?

Businesses and industries are exploring opportunities that can help them improve their bottomline in the current economy where they see low or declining revenues; thus, the focus is to look at the operation cost and make them more efficient. #Energy cost is one such factor that has a significant proportion in operating cost and is often not appropriately managed at a central level due to its distribution across multiple levels in businesses and industries. The industrial internet of things (#IIoT) can support them in increasing the bottomline for business and improve the range of services they offer.

Major factors contributing to the growth of IIoT infrastructure includes technological advancements in semiconductor and electronics devices, industrial automation solutions availability, enhanced data rates, and coverage of communication technologies, increasing use of #CloudComputing platform, and governments support globally leading towards the adoption of IIoT solutions. A global trend in enterprises is the transformation of technical focus for the improved connectivity to access the Data collection with the precise security measures in place.

At Delta, we offer products that are IIoT compliant. Our portfolio includes #PLC,#HMI, IPC, #PPC, Dialink, Smart Sensors, Form Factor supporting the IIoT infrastructure. However, the adoption of these technologies is currently at nascent stages in the country where the customers are still exploring its benefits and how they can proceed with its integrations.

At Delta, we are doing our bit in terms of educating customers on the potential of these technologies. Using various platforms, our teams are showcasing what Delta can offer in this space. While it will take some time to bridge the gap with regards to adoption, the prospects definitely look positive.

The impact of #COVID19 has been witnessed in every sector. The industries which have a large workforce have been impacted more due to migration of the workers to their hometown. Thus many businesses were not function during April and May. This will delay the deployment of these technologies. But it will be a short and medium term challenge. If we look at the broader picture technologies like, remote monitoring, remote access, IIoT, and sensing, will be widely used in the coming future. 

What should be the key considerations for utilities while opting for industrial automation products?

Industrial Automation Solutions can bring great benefits for utility industries like better operation quality, improved data accuracy, better productivity of the staff, faster turnaround time, and more.Further, while making a selection on how to enhance the plant and business with industrial automation solutions and products, one should pay special attention to efficiency and power savings.

Another major factor that should be given priority while making the decision is the source from where the products are being procured. Proper background research of what the local partners are offerings and how accessible the team is for maintenance services and post-purchase requirements is essential for an efficient purchase.

At Delta, we have a strong local network to ensure that we are there to support the various demands catering to industrial automation solutions. We believe that the growth of an enterprise is more than just the sales number. A consistent growth also depends on offering a differentiated and consistent customer experience across sales, marketing, and service, as well as taking advantage of all channels and routes to interact with customers. To bridge the gap between demand and supply, it is essential to have an efficient business network of channel partners and stakeholders along with a workforce that reciprocates the skills in understanding the exact requirement for the business’s growth.

We have a strong presence Pan India with 16 regional offices and more than 200 channel partners, where our engineers having expertise in different domain maintaining a cordial communication with our customers for sales, application and services.

Being a market leader, our aim is not just to increase the sales but equally build a relationship of trust with our prestigious customer by delivering the commitment of ultimate customer satisfaction. We are one of the very few companies in our space in India who have and provide service even at the component level with one large facility in Gurugram.  

What are Delta’s offerings and solutions for the Indian market? What are some of its notable projects executed?

At Delta Industrial Automation Solutions, we offer products and solutions that understand the changing trend of the industry and showcases our vision to develop what is sustainable.

Delta offers a comprehensive portfolio in machine, factory and process automation. We offer a product range which includes AC Motor Drives, Servo and Motion Control Systems, CNC Controllers, Hybrid Energy Saving Systems, Programmable Logic Controllers, Human Machine Interfaces, Machine Vision Systems, Meters and Sensors, Industrial and Medical Power Supplies, Power Quality Products, Industrial Ethernet Solutions, Industrial Control and Monitoring Software, and Industrial Robots.

Our Industrial Automation Solutions extend to a broad range of industry applications like Electronics, Elevators, Textiles, Food & Beverages, Pharma, Rubber & Plastics, Packaging, Printing, Woodworking, Automotive, Environment & Water Treatment, Metal Processing & Machine Tools to name a few.

Delta is all about Smart Manufacturing. We integrate our automation products, equipment networking, system software, IoT technology, and big data analysis to build innovative and reliable green automation solutions.

In our endeavor to be a strong catalyst in India ‘s growth story, we are partnering with various GOI’s initiative like “E-Mobility Mission,” “Smart Cities Mission,” “Vocal for Local,” and “Make in India” as we lead with our vision of #DeltaPoweringGreenIndia. Our manufacturing plants in Gurgaon and Hosur is our testimony of commitment strengthening the industry ecosystem. At our Hosur plant, we are manufacturing AC Motor Drive and more supporting the nation’s journey towards #SelfReliantIndia with #VocalForLocal vision. Further, with our upcoming plant in Krishnagiri, more products will be added to localize the production and export, reinforcing the company’s contribution towards #MakeInIndia initiative.

What are the company’s growth plans? What is your outlook for Indian power market?

We intend to grow 20% every year for the next five years, and we are quite optimistic about the target. Delta has historically been into machine automation. In the last two-three years, we started investing in factory and process automation solutions. We see massive potential in this space and will continue to invest here in the coming years.

Indian Power Sector is going through a notable change that is redefining the outlook of the industry. The increasing role of #Renewables is playing a significant role in securing sustainable energy with lower emissions. The tariff for domestic #RenewableEnergy is two-thirds the cost of coal source power tariffs and half of the new imported thermal costs. Going ahead, we see a strengthening journey towards the vision of #CleanEnergy.


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