PSERC defers payment of pending amount of fixed charges for LS/MS/NRS consumers

Keeping in view the above and in view of the difficulties faced by the large supply (LS)/medium supply (MS)/non-residential supply (NRS) consumers due to lockdown, the Punjab State Electricity Regulatory Commission (PSERC), has relaxed the provisions of the Supply Code.

The commission has decided to defer the payment of pending amount of the fixed charges of two months starting from March 23, 2020 for MS/LS industrial and NRS consumers and to allow the recovery of these deferred fixed charges in six equal monthly installments without any late payment surcharge (LPS). The first installment will be raised in the bill of September 2020 and the last in the bill of February 2021. In case, any scheduled installment is not paid by the due date, LPS at the normal rates will be applicable. However, the commission ordered that no connection shall be disconnected for non- payment of these arrears till March 31, 2021, and thereafter action will be taken as per the provisions of the Supply Code Regulations.


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