Online Electrical Condition Monitoring Solution in Power Distribution System by Bender Germany

The availability of electrical energy is an indispensable prerequisite in many areas. A failure of electrical energy has a decisive influence on:

  • Safety of persons
  • Safety of property
  • Profitability of a company or the cost-effectiveness of the production process.

Therefore, not only early detection but also fast fault clearance is indispensable. Several technical solutions with different effectiveness levels are available for fault clearance. To opt for the right solution, IEC 60364-4-41 has classified power supplies into the two categories:

  • IT or Ungrounded or Floating Power Supply
  • TT/TN or Grounded Power supply
  1. Solidly grounding
  2. NGR grounding

NGR System

Online Insulation Fault Monitoring Solution for IT or Ungrounded (Floating) Power Supplies by Bender Germany

Insulation monitoring device and fault location system for signalling earth faults and locating faulty feeders at an early stage

IT power supplies offer an invaluable advantage

– a first fault does not lead to a disconnection; operating procedures are not interrupted.

Therefore, IT systems with insulation monitoring are used in situations that call for a high degree of safety and reliability.

The centrepiece of every IT system is the insulation monitoring device ISOMETER®.

Bender Isometer (iso685-X-P) and Earth Fault Evaluator (EDS44X and EDS309X):

Bender Germany insulation monitoring device ISOMETER® (as per IEC 61557-8) continuously monitors the insulation resistance between the system and earth and immediately signals when a specific value is undershot. This early warning system provides sufficient time for the cause of the fault to be eliminated — before a critical operating state has a chance to develop!

In the event of an insulation fault, the insulation fault location will automatically be started. The locating current injector generates a locating current signal, which flows back via the current path and the PE conductor. The locating current signal is detected by all measuring current transformers on this circuit and signalled to the respective insulation fault locators (as per IEC 61557-9). By assigning the measuring current transformer to the respective circuit, the point of fault can easily, quickly and reliably be detected via the screen by an electrically skilled person.

For installations with sub-circuits, portable insulation fault location systems are available.

Current clamps are placed around the wires of the relevant outgoing circuits and the locating current signals are checked and, in this way, the faulty outgoing circuit/location can be identified. 

Convincing benefits of using BENDER Germany solution:

  • Highest possible availability and reliability for power supplies
  • Increased protection against fire and accidents
  • Precise measurement by a patented

AMP measurement method

  • Automatic insulation fault location during operation without disconnection
  • Significantly lower outlays in terms of personnel and time due to precise insulation fault location
  • Central administration via LAN/WLAN
  • Early fault detection allows scheduled maintenance
  • Significant cost reductions for servicing and maintenance

Examples of application:

  • Control circuits in power plants and transmission substations
  • Power supplies of complex production processes
  • Variable-speed drives in rolling mills, conveyor systems
  • E-Vehicle and its charging infrastructure
  • Mobile power generators
  • Traffic signalling systems (railways)
  • Offline loads (pumps, motors)
  • Hospital: OTs, ICUs, ICCUs, NICUs
  • Internal power supplies on ships, railway coaches and aeroplanes.
  • Photovoltaic, wind systems and much more.

Measurement Range

Insulation monitoring: AC/DC up to 15 kV

Fault location system: AC/DC up to 800 V 

Online Insulation Leakage Monitoring solution by Bender Germany for TN/TT (Earthed power supplies) Systems 

Bender Germany offers residual current monitoring system RCMS460. 

To ensure effective preventive maintenance and a high level of operational and plant safety

  • fault currents resp. residual currents,
  • operating currents,
  • stray currents and
  • currents in N and PE conductors

must be monitored continuously, the point of fault must be localised quickly, and the service personnel must xbe given comprehensive information. The solution for this task: the multi-channel residual current monitoring system RCMS. The system records the currents AC pulsed DC and AC/DC current sensitive as true r.m.s. value. The measured values are stored in the history memory and are available there for evaluation purposes. A total of 1080 measuring points can be monitored via LAN, whereby the maximum scanning time for all channels is 200ms. This makes it easy to monitor even time-critical applications that require a shutdown. Data is exchanged between the devices via a time-efficient and cost-effective RS-485 interface. Interfaces with higher-level systems via Ethernet or other field bus systems can be set up easily. Complies to IEC62020 

Typical applications:

  • Data processing centres, computer systems
  • Industrial, residential and functional buildings
  • Office and administrative buildings
  • Power supply and distribution
  • Technical communication systems
  • Traffic engineering
  • Water supply & sewerage treatment plants 

Safety solution by Bender Germany for NGR Grounded power supplies

Bender Germany offers NGR Monitoring solution to monitor the healthiness of NGR for Neutral Resistor grounded power supplies

To ensure the NGR is intact and healthy, NGRM monitors the following parameters continuously:

  • Residual current in the grounding conductor
  • Voltage monitoring between transformer neutral and ground
  • Monitoring of grounding resistor

NGRM has the following communication features:

  • Modbus RTU
  • Webserver
  • Analog 4…20mA 

Typical applications:

  • Mines (Coal, Cement, Metal, Gold, etc.)
  • Oil & Gas industries
  • Generators

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