Power consumption growth slows in November

India’s power consumption growth rate has slowed down to 4.7 per cent at 98.37 BUs in November 2020, amid the onset of early winters especially in the Northern part of the country.

In November 2019, electricity consumption in the country was recorded at 93.94 BUs. Power consumption started declining from March 2020 onwards due to fewer economic activities in the country amidst nationwide lockdown due to Covid-19. Power consumption on a year-on-year basis declined 8.7 per cent in March, 23.2 per cent in April, 14.9 per cent in May, 10.9 per cent in June, 3.7 per cent in July and 1.7 per cent in August. Power consumption entered positive territory in September 2020 and recorded a growth of 4.4 per cent and further grew at double digit (12 per cent) in October 2020. Peak power demand met in November 2020 was recorded at 160.77 GW, which is 3.5 per cent higher than 155.32 GW in the same month last year.


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