MSMEs potential to create 16 GW worth of solar rooftop capacity by 2022

According to the government, 16 GW of rooftop solar potential can be harnessed from the MSMEs by 2022. The target for the installed capacity for India by 2022 is 175 GW.

While speaking at a webinar organised by the SBI and World Bank, Nitin Gadkari union minister for MSMEs, stated that MSMEs are the most critical in advancing the country’s growth. He suggested cold storage units as a viable sector which can adopt rooftop solar and also use it for their own needs. Currently, India is behind its envisioned target of 40 GW, and an impetus in this regard will be provided by the adoption by MSMEs. So far, the current share of installed rooftop solar projects has reached 6.4 GW.


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