TNERC makes installation of new device mandatory for power connections

The Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission (TNERC) has made the installation of a new device, Residual Current Device (RCD), mandatory on new single-phase and three-phase connections. …

The TNERC has notified this provision in the Tamil Nadu Electricity Distribution Code, mandating installation of RCD in new connections of houses, shops, industries, hospitals, parks, street lights, temples, schools, and colleges. The device can instantly break an electrical circuit in the event of an accident, thereby preventing serious harm to the victim. Further, during supply installation for loads exceeding 10 kW, a common RCD needs to be installed at the point of supply with rated residual operating current of 300 milliampere. In larger installations, circuits should also be sub-divided according to loads, floors, or building portions with an independent RCD installed for each sub-divided circuit, so as to protect each portion in the event of an electrical fault.


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