IL&FS floats EoI to sell its stake in 6.5 MW wind farm project

Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Services Limited (IL&FS) has floated an expression of interest (EoI) foreligible investors for selling100 per cent stake in Ramagiri Renewable Energy Limited (RREL) and purchase of fixed assets of IL&FS Energy Development Company (IEDCL).

IL&FS holds 95.54 per cent of the total issued, subscribed, and paid-up share capital of IEDCL. RREL is a 100 per cent subsidiary of IEDCL which owns and operates a 6.5 MW wind farm project at Ramagiri in the Anantapur district, Andhra Pradesh (which has not been operating since April 2019). IEDCL also owns the fixed assets at the project site which includes a 100-meter lattice tower installed at the wind project for gathering meteorological data with a 300 mm tower diameter and face width, provided with 5 anemometers, two boom-mounted vanes along with temperature and pressure sensors, solar irradiation measurement equipment, which includes a pyranometer along with its leveling plate, an anemometer, and a wind direction vane.The EoI is for the acquisition of 100 per cent shares in the 6.5 MW wind project and the fixed assets. The last date to submit the bids is August 10, 2021


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