South Africa’s Eskom launches Renewable Energy Tariff programme to meet clean energy commitments

South African electricity public utility, Eskom has launched a Renewable Energy Tariff pilot programme to engage with businesses which need to meet their renewable energy commitments.

The programme aims to source clean electricity supply to Eskoms customers, with up to 100 per cent supply from renewable sources. This would enable businesses to meet their clean energy targets, without entering into long-term power purchase agreements or investing capital in their own renewable energy generators. The renewable energy for the pilot programme will only be available to Eskom’s customers. While Eskom has multiple renewable electricity plants, the power for this project will initially be supplied by their Sere wind farm. A 24-hour renewable energy supply will be facilitated to the customers. The programme offers a maximum of 300 GW per annum to customers, supplied directly by Eskom. This will be done on a first-come-first-served basis.


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