RERC allows net metering facility for rooftop solar system with capacity up to 500 kW 

The Rajasthan Electricity Regulatory Commission (RERC) has allowed a net metering facility for rooftop solar systems up to 500 kW or up to the sanctioned load, whichever is lower.

These regulations were notifiedby RERC for all categories of consumers under the new guidelines on ‘Grid Interactive Distributed Renewable Energy Generating Systems. They will apply to net metering and net billing arrangements and grid-interactive distributed renewable energy (RE) generating systems connected behind the meter and operating parallel with the grid. It would also apply to consumers who have not opted for either net metering or net billing arrangements. Rooftop and small solar grid-interactive systems commissioned under net metering agreements until June 30, 2021, will continue to operate under the same arrangement until the connection agreement expires.