BEST to procure 1,900 electric buses

Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport Undertaking (BEST) has issued tenders for procuring 1,900 fully electric buseswhich will include 1,400 full-length buses of 12 metres, 100 mini buses and 400 midi buses.

BEST will also issue tenders over the next few days for procuring 200 fully electric double decker buses. It is one of the biggest electric bus fleet expansions in the country.  The company plans to make about 50 per cent of its fleet electric by 2023. The maximum periodfor procuring the buses, as per the tender notice, is oneandahalf years with 475 new electric bus procurements, i.e., 25 per cent, in six months, 25 per cent in the next six months and 50 per cent thereafter.