Interview with Sonjib Banerjee, President and R&D Head, Manav Energy Private Limited

“The power system primarily transfers power conductively but is susceptible to various forms of radiative and ground disturbances. Detection and management systems for this domain are the major focus of our R&D, like RFERM (patent no. 381603).”

1. What have been the significant business highlights for Manav Energy in the last one to two years?

MANAV ENERGY Pvt Ltd.’s vision is to uphold the best engineering practices and to provide outstanding products & services.

Our team successfully devised remote tuning and testing routine to replenish the excitation system of an 800MW machine (one of the largest machines in the country). We are proud to share that our team successfully designed, supplied, and implemented earthing systems at Atal Tunnel at Rohtang Pass – the longest highway single-tube tunnel above 10,000 feet (3,048 m) in the world. We also provided critical services for saving lives, livestock, and assets from high voltage power and electromagnetic fields in the Dedicated freight container corridor, metros of Pune, Dhaka – Bangladesh, Jaipur, Riyadh – Saudi Arabia, Mumbai, Queensland – Australia, etc. We catered to the product requirement of major telecom operators across the globe offering products providing solutions to a different kind of ground terrain. We also completed need based audits for earthing, lightning protection, power system, power quality, and electromagnetic audits in over 400kV substations and 18 GW of power generation plants, including 1GW of solar power. We provided expert services to brownfield and greenfield projects to various mission-critical and iconic structures around the world.

The pandemic condition has caused immense stress on O&M of utilities, industries, and infrastructure due to reduced manpower and operational time. Looking at this situation our R&D team successfully developed a range of IIoT electrical safety and reliability solutions that provides remote monitoring assistance to O&M. They reduce human intervention to maintain safe operations. One such product called the Remote Fault-time Earth Resistance Monitoring System (R-FERM®) is patented.

During Covid period, MANAV ENERGY recognized the complexities, the world would face during a prolonged emergency. Foreseeing global climate change, CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear disasters), political instability, etc. we embarked on a journey to introduce IIoT for the comprehensive safety and reliability of electrical assets. Manav Energy ensured to continue its delivery of products and services without interruption conforming to Covid protocol. Our team completed global projects in time.

2. What are Manav Energy’s key offerings and solutions for the power market?

Manav Energy’s subject matter experts provide futuristic technology for all sectors, including power generation, transmission and distribution, making them incident-free with zero downtime due to electrical and electromagnetic hazards. We Survey, Study, Measure, Design, Audit, Supply, Install, Test, Commission, Validate, conduct Root Cause Analysis, and provide O&M Expert Services in the field of Earthing management, Lightning Management, EM Management, Power Quality Management, Power System Studies, Control Systems & Instrumentation. We exceed customer expectations by harmonizing experienced foresight and ethical engineering solution. We follow IEEE, IS, BS EN, NFPA, NEC, NFC, and other relevant national & international standards for all our services.

With evolving technologies, asset management & risk mitigation for electrical and electronic systems is becoming more complex. The solid-state systems are susceptible to electromagnetic interference and prone to electrical faults resulting in accidents, service disruptions, and escalated costs in operations and maintenance. We provide Safe & reliable electrical systems through proper design, application, correct installation, appropriate maintenance, and good operating practices, for the life of the equipment.

We provide Advanced Engineering Services (AES) and Specialized consultancy services (SCS). AES enables us to understand the generation, propagation, and reception of electromagnetic energy which may cause unwanted effects of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) that can damage equipment. Biological hazards, Interference with sensitive electronics, undesirable trips & spikes in sensitive instruments, disturbances in communication networks, false alarms, and disruption in essential utilities are some of the common losses due to inadequate electromagnetic compliance, earthing & bonding, and lightning management. Over and above, SCS such as Short Circuit Ratio, Sub-synchronous resonance, cable sizing, routing & scheduling ensures Safety & Reliability Assessment of Wind turbines, PV Solar projects, generating stations, transmission lines, substations, Captive Power Plant (CPP), etc.

3. What are the new and emerging technologies for power system management? 

Today’s power system has a scope of dynamic change with situational awareness. The power system primarily transfers power conductively but is susceptible to various forms of radiative and ground disturbances. Detection and management systems for this domain are the major focus of our R&D, like RFERM (patent no. 381603).

World over, a power network is designed to work at a fundamental frequency, but lightning faults, switching, induction, rectification, inversion, FACTS devices, etc. induce other frequencies in the system that may be detrimental to the network. Hence detection and mitigation of these power quality issues are going to make the network more robust. A significant amount of work is being done by our R&D team in this area for industry majors.

4. What are some of the key solutions for enhancing the safety and reliability of power systems?

Manav Energy surveys the location/geography through which the power system network is traversing. The Ambient condition of the location is recorded for incorporating into the design. Subsequently, application-specific design is achieved. The network is dynamically compensated for conductive and radiative challenges. Sensing, development of management plan, feedback to the dynamic protection system, creation of safety and reliability command center for annunciation, and activation of safety protocol are significant ways forward.

Manav Energy has successfully developed Remote Fault-time Earth Resistance Monitoring System (R-FERM®) using patented technology. We are showcasing this technology to many industry segments for deployment. Our R&D team is developing an umbrella of IIoT products that will provide comprehensive safety and reliability solution to the power fraternity. We seek to make India the world’s safest electrical grid in the future.

5. What are the company’s growth plans?

The Design and Consultancy team of MANAV ENERGY is engaged in investigating new approaches to solving existing power system safety and reliability challenges, that mar the operational efficiency. Operational downtime leads to extensive consequential damage. Predictive management of electrical assets plays a vital role to reduce equipment failures and carbon footprint. Most of the challenges are not traceable as they are transient. We address these challenges by using various transient analysis tools and recommend solutions that are techno-commercially viable and provide long-term resolutions.

Our R&D team is developing IIoT solutions, that can monitor and trend critical parameters to identify incipient anomalies that have the potential to develop into a problem. It employs experts in software development, embedded system, hardware integration, mechatronics, and theoreticians to develop products as per futuristic needs from concept to deployment.

We aspire to collaborate with industry experts and majors to grow from a 6 million USD to 250 million USD company in the next 5 years.