CERC approves transmission system to evacuate 8 GW of RE in the southern region

The Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) has approved the execution of the proposed transmission system for the evacuation of 8 GW of renewable energy (RE) from solar energy zones and wind energy zones in the southern region.

CERC has directed the Central Transmission Utility of India Limited (CTU) to ensure that the transmission system development matches the progress of generation projects. CERC has mandated that if the generating projects are not commissioned and the transmission system is commissioned, the CTU may seek appropriate remedies such as grants and subsidies from the Government of India or the state governments until the associated generating projects achieve the commercial operation date. CTU must also submit a quarterly progress report regarding the execution of the transmission programme to the Ministry of Power (MoP) and the Central Electricity Authority (CEA). The Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (Powergrid) had filed a petition to execute transmission infrastructure for 18.5 GW of solar and wind energy zones in the southern region.