India’s coal import declines by 26.8 per cent in October 2021

Coal imports of India have registered a decline of 26.8 percent to 15.75 million tonnes (mt)in October 2021 as compared to 21.50 mtin October 2020.

However, coal import in October 2021 was up 6 percent as compared to 14.85 mtduring September 2021. Of the total import in October 2021, non-coking coal was at 9.47 mtand coking coal import was at 4.05 mt. During the April-October period of thecurrent financial year2021-22, total coal import stood at 123.09 mt, 5.4 percent higher than 116.81 mt recordedin the year ago period. Although there was strong demand for coal from the power sector during the festive season, firm prices in the seaborne market is expected to have restricted import volumes.