Assessment of Inertia in Indian Power System – POSOCO report

In a conventional large grid, due to sufficient number of synchronous machines and hence rotating mass, lack of adequate system inertia has largely not been of a concern. Global experience suggests that RE integration driven displacement of conventional synchronous generators has an impact on the rotating mass (inertia) in the system, particularly at higher penetration of renewables. Considering a significant growth in RE, and ambitious RE integration targets of Government of India, a study on inertia estimation in All Indian grid was initiated to explore inertia estimation approaches that are adequately suited for Indian power system.

Based on the study outcome, recommendations, and way forward for accurate inertia estimation and relevant measures/interventions required in Indian grid has been brought out in the report that can be used by various key stakeholders including system regulators, grid operators, generation utilities, policy makers, and OEMs.

Download the report here


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