MNRE issues simplified procedure to install rooftop solar plants for the residential consumers

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has issued a simplified procedure for the residential consumers to get rooftop solar plants installed by themselves or through any vendor of their choice under the rooftop solar programme.

According to the new simplified procedure, a national portal for registering applications from the beneficiary, approval thereof and tracking progress will be developed. There will be a portal in a similar format at the level of the discoms and both the portals will be linked. It is expected that the national portal will be developed in about six to eight weeks. Till the national portal comes into operation, the existing procedure for availing subsidy for installation of rooftop solar plant through discoms will continue and will be the only authorized procedure to avail subsidy from the MNRE. After the national portal set up, the beneficiary will have the choice of installing rooftop solar availing either of the options.