Use of Weather Information for Secure, Reliable and Economic Operation of Indian Grid – A report by POSOCO and IMD

Weather forecast issued by IMD has helped RLDCs, SLDCs and DISCOMs in improving their demand forecast which has aided in planning and ensuring load generation balance in advance including demand ramp requirements. By observing movement of thunderstorm/dust storm through RADAR system, RLDCs and SLDCs are able to reduce their control area generation as per the predicted demand variations. Along with satellite-based weather warning, live radar imagery helped the states in sending timely requests to SLDC / RLDC for revision of schedule for backing down of generating stations in anticipation of thunderstorms/ rain, which greatly helped in avoiding huge under drawl of power thereby ensuring grid economic and secure operation of the grid.

Prior information of weather conditions to the Grid Operators enables them to effectively manage grid security and economy. The objective of the report is to find out the advantages of prior weather information for reliable, secure and economic operation of Indian Power System.

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