DERC has no jurisdiction in CGS allocation: MoP

In a statement fromMinistry of Power (MoP), the MoP has statedthat allocation of power from central generating stations (CGS)is done by the Union government to states on their request and the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) has no jurisdiction in the matter

According to the statement, if any reallocation is to be done it is only on the request of the state government; and that also in case any other state is willing to take the surrendered power. The DERC jurisdiction extends only to fixation of tariff and giving advice and direction to discoms of their state. The DERC cannot give any direction to the central or the state governments. In case of NTPC Dadri-II thermal power plant (TPP), the central government had made allocation of this power to Delhi and Uttar Pradesh vide letter dated March 8, 2011.In 2015, Delhi had surrendered power from 11 CGS which included Dadri stage-II TPP, which was reallocated to other states as and when other states requested for it.The balance power from Dadri stage-II to an extent of 728 MW was available for reallocation and, accordingly, on March 28, 2022, the same has been given to Haryana based on their request.DERChas no jurisdiction in the matter of allocation of power from CGS.


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