Greenko and John Cockerill to set up hydrogen electrolysers

GreenkoZeroCPrivate Limited (GZC), a subsidiary of Greenko Group andBelgium-based John Cockerill have signed a framework agreement to exclusively partner in joint market development initiatives for green hydrogen electrolysers in India.

The tie-up would enable building a gigawatt electrolyser manufacturing plant, with target to ramp up to two gigawatt. The gigafactory will include the full manufacturing electrolyser value chain including modern nickel coating and will produce electrolysers delivering H2 at 30 bars at the outlet at the highest purity level. The pressurised alkaline technology provided by John Cockerill along with Greenko’s lowest cost renewable energy (RE)-round the clock (RTC) solutions will enable the lowest levelised cost of hydrogen necessary for the implementation of a large hydrogen ecosystem in India. This partnership will facilitate low-cost hydrogen production by enabling delivery of electrolysers at scale in India, within the next years.



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