Amitabh Singhal

Vice-President, Power Systems, Sterlite Power

Amitabh Singhal, an electrical engineering graduate from IIT-BHU, has spent more than 31 years in the power transmission and distribution (T&D) industry. He started his career with BHEL as a part of the transmission business gr­oup, and later moved to Alstom/Areva/ GE T&D where he was a part of the service business. Since 2020, Singhal has been working with Sterlite Power and is re­sponsible for power systems and tech­n­ology activities. He is also involved in te­chnical sales and business development.

According to Singhal, the power sector has undergone a number of changes over the past three decades. From being a mostly state-owned thermal and hydro sector, it today includes significant private participation. Beginning with private thermal IPPs, to the entry of private players in transmission, to a very large play by private developers in the renewables’ space, the power sector landscape has changed significantly. “Th­e efforts to de­car­bonise the sector are leading to an in­c­­re­asing share of renewable generation in the overall mix. Th­­is, in turn, is driving the tra­n­smission sector,” he notes.

The biggest area of concern for the sector continues to be distribution. To ensure sector stability as well as last-mile connectivity and 24×7 supply to all, it is imperative to make the discoms stand on their own feet.

The power sector has enormous po­tential to contribute to the country’s economic growth, Singhal points out. With electric mobility also being promoted by the government in a big way, the electricity sector will contribute significantly to­war­ds achieving carbon neutrality and reducing the burden of oil imports.

Singhal believes he was fortunate to join BHEL as his first job. It allowed him to di­ve straight into an ocean of knowledge and opportunities. Some of his memor­ab­le assignments include developing controlled shunt reactors, carrying out dyna­mic pe­rformance studies for an HVDC project and its com­missioning, undertaking long-term planning studies for the Delhi and Mumbai distribution networks, and ma­naging tough brownfield projects. Mo­re recently, he has been involved in ca­rrying out planning studies for more than eight states to optimise their netwo­r­ks and create opportunities for the business.

Singhal is a people’s manager and bel­ie­ves in providing an enabling environment to let people do their job. He looks for­ward to taking up teaching at some point in time and help budding engineers learn from his experience and practical insights on their subject.


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