Hitachi Energy launches OceaniQ™ innovative solutions for the offshore energy environment  

Hitachi Energy has launched its OceaniQ™ portfolio for the offshore energy environment, which will be showcased at the annual WindEurope event in Bilbao, Spain. The company has created OceaniQ to help accelerate the clean energy transition. OceaniQ will result in greater volumes of wind power being efficiently harvested and integrated into the world’s en­ergy system.  Combining cross-industry competence from the power and marine sectors, OceaniQ addresses applications for fixed platforms, floating structures and subsea power systems for wind, marine and other offshore operators. Hitachi Energy rigorously designs its OceaniQ products, services and solutions in collaboration with customers and partners. The solutions are designed to solve the specific needs of offshore energy operators. The key characteristics of the Oce­a­niQ solutions are a modular design to enable timely installation and quickly connect energy assets to onshore facilities. OceaniQ solutions take advantage of digitalisation, enabling safe and secure remote monitoring and other services such as predictive maintenance. Designs are also ruggedised to withstand harsh marine conditions, minimising the need for physical service over their lifetime.


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